The Closed Circuit Television is a monitoring system and using security cameras connected to a monitoring room or a recording system that can later be assisted. Currently the most popularized system is the CCTV over IP networks, taking advantage of computer networks.



1941 is released in the US analog television standard in Black and White - EIA. Basis for transmission of analog CCTV signals today.

1942 is documented the first use of CCTV cameras in military applications in Germany to accompany the launch of Rocket V2 missiles in short distance.

1951 is desenvlvido the first video recorder tapes (VTR) capable of capturing live images from television cameras rolled tape, but later in NTSC standard cassete.1953 is released in the United States the standard of analogical TV NTSC, supporting images color and compatible with the standard R&B 1941.


1960 It is reported the first temporary installation of surveillance cameras in public places in London, England AaRa monitor the visit of a head of state.

1960 For the first time are used video surveillance systems by the US authorities.

1966 NASA uses analog signals to map the superfine the moon, sending digital images to Earth.

1969 NASA transmits images of the arrival of man on the moon live to more than 500 million people worldwide.

1969 and developed the first solid state image sensor, CCD, AT&T Bell Labs by Willard Boyle and George E. Smith in the United States.

1969 is considered the year of the creation of the home security system concept patented by Marie Brown.

1972 Texas Instruments patented the first electronic camera that does not require film.


1979 After a decade of heavy investment and research, Sony launches the first commercial CCD image sensor: the ICX008.

1980 adoption of CCTV systems expands to companies primarily in the US and Europe due to theft and fraud.

1986 Scientists at Kodak developed the first Megapixel image sensor capable of capturing 1.4 million pixels.

1992 are developed the first mini cameras and the industry is inspired to produce increasingly smaller cameras.



1993 A bomb attack in Bishops gate in London by the IRA leads to system construction "Ring of Steel" (steel ring) consisting of hundreds around the English capital CCTV cameras.

In 1993 Liverpool in England, was unveiled the kidnapping followed by boy James Bulger murder only two years by identifying the images captured by the shopping center CCTV system where he was kidnapped.



1996 is developed the first IP camera in the world, Net eye 200, the Swedish company Axis Communications.

1998 DVRs come to market and is the second major wave of adoption of CCTV systems, replacing the VCR recorders to tape.



2001 The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon change the way the world thinks security, expanding all security concepts, security and surveillance.

2003 A school in Phoenix in the United States installs an easy recognition system for tracking lost children.

2005 is launched for standard H.264 video compression format. It developed the first security camera with embedded video analytics (VCA).

2006 The city of Chicago Announces Virtual Shield operation (Virtual Shield), making it the city with the largest US video monitoring system.



2006 The City of London is one of the most watched in the world, with about 4.2 million cameras in the streets, and across the UK there is about one camera for every 14 inhabitants. Even in England, it is estimated that each person appears in CCTV cameras at least 300 times a day.

2007 It is estimated that over 97% of all telecommunications world's information travels over the Internet. Services such as browsing e-mail and messages are part of our day-to-day.

2010 maturity of the technologies and IP camera manufacturers, H.264 and development of VMS solutions for network video management, make the technology the best choice system large-scale, industrial, urban and enterprise video surveillance solutions.



2011 According to estimates by In-Stat Forecasts company sold about 41 million cameras and other surveys from historical manufacturing and sale of CCTV equipment data indicate that there are approximately 210 million cameras operating in the world.

2013 According to estimates by ABESE, São Paulo is the city that has more security cameras in Brazil, about 1.5 million devices, representing a camera for every 7 people.

2014 The Internet is one of the main media, high-definition video devices in HD and 4K, high speed wireless networks, smart phones, high-capacity computer tablets are massively present in businesses, homes e as IP networks are the basis of communication for most applications even in the industry.