The structured cabling is a technologic that aims to organize and standardize the physical and logical networks between computers. One of the most known standards structured cabling is standard Ethernet, commonly known as "blue cable." This pattern is ideal for connections between computers at speeds up to 1000 Mb/s and distances up to 100m.

For longer distances, repeater can be placed or working with modern fiber optics.



Currently, Fiber Optic it is one of the most modern technologies for data transmission between computers via wire. In computers, the optical fiber is also used to interconnect devices from telephone exchanges (between continents) to internal circuit cameras.



The Closed Circuit Television is a monitoring system and using security cameras connected to a monitoring room or a recording system that can later be assisted. 

Currently the most popularized system is the CCTV over IP networks, taking advantage of computer networks



The satellite communication system is done with the aid of artificial satellites launched into outer space that has function of receiving the transmitted signal from a specific area of land and relay it to another, and own GPS services, astronomy and meteorology.



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